The Lithuanian Jewish sport and gymnastics union "Maccabi" Žiežmariai section
Main office Lietuvos žydų sporto ir gimnastikos sąjunga "Makabi"
City (office) Žiežmariai
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Established 1925
Closed 1940

Additional information

In 1925, the management included: V. Fridman, president; Chaim Don, vice-president; S. Gurvich, treasurer. Regular management members included: Ch. Sheifer, V. Rubinovich, Ch. Kravetz, Meyer Soloceichik and Alter Gurevich. The society headquarter was located on Dvaro Street in the house belonging to Sheina, wife of Don. In April 1931, the society had 26 members. In December of the same year, it had 15 (6 men and 9 women).On November 23rd, 1932, it was closed and removed from the society register by the Trakai district society commission. The section was restored in 1937. The elected management was composed of the president, Leyser Margolin, painter; vice-president, Berel Raudanski, physician; secretary, Frade, daughter of Shwartz, store owner; cashier, Leyb Sakin, beer brewer; manager, Abraham Galper, accountant; management members Boruch Abelevich, barber; and Hirsh Iliyonski, store owner. On July 2nd,1940, the Maccabi society, with all its branches including the Žiežmariai section, was closed.

Sportsmen and musicians from Žiežmariai Jews league for sport and gymnastics “Maccabi”. In 1929. Dora Pilianskienė.