The Žiežmariai section of the Lithuanian Jewish society "Tiferet Bachurim"
Main office Lietuvos žydų draugija "Tiferet Bachurim"
City (office) Žiežmariai
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Established 1928
Closed 1940

Additional information

It was created on the 21th August in 1928. In 1928, the section´s management members were: the trader, Aron Levin, president; worker, David Katz, secretary; trader, Abraham Braudo, cashier; Rubin Gorklianski and Peisach Migantz, candidates. Documents from December31, 1931, show that the section had 19 members. In 1938, the management consisted of the president; trader, David Katz; Adam Braudo, deputy president; and Vulf Beinishevich, secretary. The society and all its sections were closed July 9th, 1940. Rolandas Gustaitis, 2006, Jews of the Kaišiadorys Region of Lithuania, Bergenfield NJ, Avotaynu, 2010, translated into English by Leonas Bekeris