Reading of Holocaust Victims' Names

For several years in a row the names of the ghetto prisoners are publicly being read on September 23, the Lithuanian Jewish Genocide Remembrance Day.

"Names" is an initiative of active Vilnius citizens to commemorate Holocaust victims and to help build connections between Lithuanians and collective memory.

This year we encourage everybody to organise readings of the  "Names" in their city. If you don't have a list of the victims, write us by filling out the contact form and we will reply.

We also invite you to actively contribute to update the website by filling out the form. If you want to, you can interview your acquaintancies or relatives who remember their Jewish neighbors.

2011 was declared a Year of Remembrance of Holocaust Victims in Lithuania. The events in September aimed to help residents of Vilnius to learn more about the large Jewish community of the pre-war city. Also the feeling that we all have lost our friends and neighbors was awakened. Furthermore we wanted to educate the current generation, which almost does not know anything about this period in our history. The readings at the St Catherine church lasted from early morning until the evening.

On 23rd of September 2012, a public reading of the ghetto prisoners' names took place infront of the National Drama Theatre in Vilnius and at the Fluxus Ministerija in Kauna.