The Žasliai volunteer firemen association
Main office Lietuvos ugniagesių organizacijos sąjunga
City (office) Žasliai
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Established 1905


The objective was "to protect from fire the personal and governmental properties in Žasliai and the surrounding neighbourhoods."

Additional information

The association founders were A. Magid, A. Shogan,, Y. Medzianski, V. Vigdergauz and M. Shmidt. In 1926, the association had 118 dues-paying members. The most important association sub-section sub-section was the firemen`s command. At the time, it had two sections: climbers (28 firemen) and water transporters (36 firemen).

Rolandas Gustaitis, 2006, Jews of the Kaišiadorys Region of Lithuania, Bergenfield NJ, Avotaynu, 2010, translated into English by Leonas Bekeris

The chairman of the fire-brigade Jakob Medziansky (stands in the middle). In 1930. NČDM. Muziejinės dokumentacijos ir fototekos sektorius. Ta-5099. Vytauto Didžiojo komiteto albumas.
The fire-brigade of Žasliai on January 6, 1935, after commemorating the 30 years anniversary of their organization and 10 years of reopening of their fire-brigade in Žasliai. Jacob Medziansky, the head of the fire-brigade, is sitting in the middle. Ugniagesis, 1935 gegužė, Nr. 5, p. 15.
In this building was housed the garage and the office of the fire-brigade. Today there is the Žasliai fire brigade as well. Žasliai, in 2005. R. Gustaičio fotografija.