The Kaišiadorys section of the Dr. N. Sirkin Jewish Education and Culture Society
Main office Dr. N. Sirkino vardo žydų švietimo ir kultūros draugija
City (office) Kaišiadorys
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Established 1934


The objective was to "help develop the common and professional knowledge among Lithuanian Jews raise the degree of culture of the Jewish public, and spread the Palestine ideas among the Jewish people".

Additional information

1934, the chairman was Leyb Yofe, and the secretary was Mrs. Riva Zagorin. Rolandas Gustaitis, 2006, Jews of the Kaišiadorys Region of Lithuania, Bergenfield NJ, Avotaynu, 2010, translated into English by Leonas Bekeris


Nirša Šmuilavičius
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