The Kaišiadorys town and surrounding are firemen`s society
Main office Lietuvos ugniagesių organizacijos sąjunga
City (office) Kaišiadorys
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Established 1920

Additional information

In 1931 the director was Ilya Shapiro, 1934 the society had 34 members. 1937 the director was Berek Berzak.

Rolandas Gustaitis, 2006, Jews of the Kaišiadorys Region of Lithuania, Bergenfield NJ, Avotaynu, 2010, translated into English by Leonas Bekeris

On the left is the garage of the Kaišiadorys fire-brigade, which was responsible for the town and the closest surroundings. Taken in the 30s of the 20th cent. Kaišiadorių muziejus. Fotoateljė “Šviesa”.